Sunday 7th August

PSC Race Report : by Jeremy Camps
Wind direction SSW   Strength 5-12 knots
First race start 13:30

3 yachts came to the line
VG OFFHORE Dehler 38 (Rama and VG )
Leopad Dream  X34( Krishna and John Rajoo)
Blue Angel (Jeremy and Craig from PDYC)
sadly it was not possible to launch Mahalakshimi  Ross 780 (john Rajoo )

Race Officer Malcolm set an interesting course for the inaugural practice race using coloured buoys produced by Rama which can be rounded in any combination, a very clever system.

From a somewhat port biased line Blue Angel and VG set off side by side towards the first mark, a very tight reach, Blue Angel provided the spectator fleet with a spectacular upwind broach which only an Impala can do, more like just falling over, this enabled VG Offshore to sneak ahead but down to leeward, Blue Angel behind but to windward managed just to get to the windward mark and round ahead with VG just behind, Leopad Dream being somewhat behind. Positions stayed the same on the broad reach across the river to the second mark. On the run down to the leeward part in the lighter wind apparent in that part of the river Blue Angel with superb goosewinged genoa pulled ahead. Leopad Dream caught up and passed VG Offshore, a feature of both races. It was a beat back to the finishing line and Blue Angel treated the spectators on the club house to a great view of tacking.

The result was Blue Angel first, Leopad Dream second and VG offshore third

The second race featured a poor start by all 3 boats but Blue Angel pulled away leaving VG Offshore and  Leopad Dream to fight it out on a similar course but with a sausage leg added all the way to the finish , After discussing with the competitors Race Officer Malcolm set a short course for a third race, it seemed a pity to waste a beautiful breeze in great sunny surroundings with clear water. However in the best Klang traditions the wind died and the call of the bar was too strong so the race was abandoned, needless to say the wind then returned !

All participants agreed it had been a great afternoons sailing and justifying the efforts that Rama and Malcolm in particular had put in ….. we look forward to more boats joining us to enjoy what this part of the river has to offer.

The social activities which greeted us onshore, on and around our new clubhouse, lived up to all expectation. Delicious sate provided by Commodore Amir, as well as Rose’s nasi lemak and VG’s noodles washed down by ice cold beer and even wine, all of which was much appreciated by the 35+ people who came to visit, including our 6th “Musketeer”; Andrew, from Hong Kong, and our old friend Gerhard Poel .

A great beginning to a great idea, thanks to all.

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