Sunday 11th September

: by Jeremy Camps

Wind direction W to SW to WSW   Strength 5 to 12 knotsFirst race start due: 12:00 – actual: 12:30

3 yachts came to the start area
VG Offshore (Rama)
Mahalakshmi (John Rajoo)
Blue Angel (Jeremy)

Race Officer:  Malcolm

With all support crew, in the best PSC tradition, assisting preparing Race Officer Malcolm Elliott’s  mount ( Amir’s Offshore power boat ) for launch, we were able to start racing at 12.30. With a variable strength wind (5 to 12 knots) from the prevailing West it appeared we would have 4 starters but sadly Freedom ( Fabian Fernandez ) for an unexplained reason returned to the marina.

PSC Race Officer Malcolm set a good unbiased line ( so nice to have ) and a course on our usual combination of red, yellow and green marks, simple and effective. As seems to be the trend, the first start was very even, with Mahalaksimi ( John Rajoo ) to leeward of Blue Angel ( Jeremy Camps ) and VG offshore ( Rama  Menon ) slightly behind. All was close until the fleet tacked for the first (yellow) mark where Blue Angel’s regular crew demonstrated why practice pays off. Mahal and VG offshore continued their usual battle, whilst Blue Angel disappeared onto the first reach rounding the second (red) mark and hoisted her spinnaker for what was a long run down to Green against the tide. Result; Blue Angel, Mahal and VG. The second race kept the action down wind and downstream of the start boat, with a course that gave more broad reach action that the first. Blue Angel, having been yelled at by all about her for using her spinnaker, decided to give some assistance by running goosewinged on the runs which made no difference to the results with a duplicate result to the first.

The third race was a mix of reaches and short runs using the start line as a gate. At the start VG Offshore made an almost perfect start, apart from being 8 seconds too early! However, this demonstrated what she can achieve with her new elite crew. With Mahal very line shy but demonstrating, in bursts, the speed she is capable of (and definitely taking the prize for the most vociferous crew), this left Blue Angel completely on her own with the only clear start, but, as she was so lonely, she decided to wait at the first mark, although the end result was still the same. Race Officer commented afterwards that “calculating the results was easy as all boats finished in reverse order of their TCC rating and the same for each race”. His other comment to Jeremy was.. “why can’t you all start as well as that at RSYC?”

It was fortunately easy to get into the marina with only a slight tide, and the Club House is also suitably close, with cold beer available. We are blessed with a group who all get on well and the après sailing was enjoyed by all. For the first time we asked if the group wanted to join and actually had membership application forms available. There were 7 applications which effective doubles the membership so the club must be doing something right. We will advise the new members on a weekly basis once the modest membership subscriptions are paid

Race Officer Malcolm has advised the tide is too strong to race at a reasonable time on 18th, so we are hoping to arrange something else, such as training or practise, to ensure continuity. The presence of our Commodore Amir and Vice Commodore Jeremy can be guaranteed and hopefully we will have our 2 Squib keel boats newly arrived from England to play with. Our (Action-Man) Rear Commodore Rama will be attending a seminar at a University in Spain, representing Malaysia and Government sponsored, so we wish him a safe journey and a speedy return.

Next racing:
On Saturday 24th September we are delighted to have a joint race with our friends at RSYC. It is the last race in their RSYC Offshre Series which has been well attended this year, with Delite and Freedom neck and neck. By invitation of PSC Commodore Encik Amir, the finish will be in front of PSC and visitors will be able to view this from the upper deck of the Club house. We will be providing a barbeque (starring Amir’s famous sate) with beer and wine available. The race starts at 11:30 7Nm from both clubs so participants will need to depart early enough to get there.
NOR will be available online soon.

We look forward to greeting all sailors and of course the WAGS !

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