Harbour Race 4 19th March 2017

RACE REPORT  SUNDAY 19 Th March 2017

4 boats came to the line , Blue Angel was missing as the engine refused to start , having run perfectly happily earlier .For the first time both Squibs raced , Tom with Martin Grantham at the helm  and Jerry with Hendrik Niemenin at the helm and John Noble as crew , 3 of the 4 purchasers of Squibs now on the high seas bound for Port Klang. VG offshore with Tony Sobey at the helm Jeremy on main sheet  and Rama in command  was joined by John Rajoo sRoss 780 Mahalakshimi

Acting Race Officer Rama set one of our usual courses this year using the port hand navigation marks Buas Buas and Pintu Gedong, we started as soon as the breeze picked up with a beat out of the river to the first mark ,   Jerry intentionally or otherwise jumped the start and VG led over the line soon establishing a good lead, Tom managed to sail through Mahalakshimi  in the tricky onshore winds , VG led round Buas Buas but Mahalakshimi had closed up , Tom some way behind but hanging in , as seems to be normal the wind dropped for the short beat to Pintu Gedong . Rounding for the reach back  to Buas Buas , VG Offshore hoisted her genniker , gybing round Buas Buas and heading for home , Mahalakshi ran goose winged ,very effective  but not as effectively as Tom under spinnaker

Two hours of great sailing finishing in front of the club , rapid docking and up to the bar , food kindly provided  Mrs  VG and satay provided   by Commodore Amir

Cant wait for the next race in 2 weeks

Jeremy Camps

RACE RESULTS – Sunday, 19th March 2017
Boat Handicap Captain Start Time Finish Time Race Time Corr.
Hours Minutes Hours Minutes
VG Offshore 0.954 Ramasamy Menon 12 25 15 0 2.58 2.46 3
Mahalakshimi 0.851 John Rajoo 12 25 15 10 2.75 2.34 2
Squib 292 Tom (Blue) 0.780 Martin Grantham 12 25 15 20 2.92 2.28 1
Squib 561 Jerry (Red) 0.780 Henrik Nieminen 12 25 DNF
Blue Angel 0.882 Jeremy Camps 12 25 DNS
Cabaret 6 0.930 Jeremy Camps 0.00 0.00
Squib 343 Ratatosk 0.780 Henrik Nieminen 0.00 0.00
Squib 400 Haiku I 0.780 John Noble 0.00 0.00
Squib 645 Second Wind 0.780 Martin Grantham 0.00 0.00
Squib 685 Rats 0.780 ———