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                                                              Press Release

Peninsular Sailing Club Selangor adopts UK National Squib Class

PSC Vice Commodore Jeremy Camps advises PSC was formed to increase interest in sailing with a focus on keel boats and have been looking for a way of doing this . Unlike other yacht clubs with RM 5,000 entrance fees , PSC has a modest RM 500 membership fee and free for junior members to encourage people local and foreign to sail.

PSC were looking for a keel boat because of the safety factor ( wont tip over unlike a dinghy ) and a sit in boat (unlike the local Beneteau 25s , tippy and sit on without proper cockpit) where they could develop a fleet of identical one design boats

The Squibs designed 40 years ago built  of good quality glass fibre in an era when quality was more important than weight are still being built today are identical and best recognised by their tan coloured sails , because they appeal to a wide variety of people from inexperienced learners to top class racers , they can easily accommodate 4 people but only need one crew for racing with a spinnaker.

Because of the low prices for older boats in the UK it is possible to bring them to Malaysia at very reasonable cost including an outboard engine.

PSC are keen to interest sailors with or without experience to  come to sail in our clean waters at Pulao Indah , with consistent winds . Anyone can come as crew or helm , we  will have  6 more boats on the way from UK  to supplement our 2 trial horses here now for people to try and can organise a boat purchase for anyone interested . This will be the largest one design keel boat class in Malaysia with regular alternate week Sunday racing . More events including a National Championship are envisaged.

PSC has been recognised by the National Squib association as a fleet , the first outside UK and Ireland

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