Squib try out day

Our esteemed Vice Commodore invited a few guests to the club last Sunday to have a try out in the two Squibs, 292 Tom and 561 Jerry. The group of two adults and six teenagers and children, including Josh Green (who owns and runs KL’s finest seafood restaurants, see: http://www.southernrockseafood.com), have previous experience in dinghies at the Port Dickson club and are interested to upgrade to Squibs at PSCS.

Tom and Jerry were prepared and rigged by Jeremy, Henrik and myself prior to the arrival of the guests, so the boats were ready to sail. After some basic instruction on the operation of all those pieces of string in the Squibs, our guests climbed aboard the two boats were escorted out of the marina by Blue Angel, who kept a watching brief over them during a two hour session in the channel.

On returning to the marina, everyone had clearly had a great time out on the water in Tom and Jerry and keen interest was expressed in both joining the club and purchasing Squibs. We all enjoyed some smoked salmon and smoked mackerel rolls kindly provided by Josh, washed down with some welcome cold beer from Jeremy’s cool box.

So this was a great day out and a great result for Jeremy’s try out day.

Couple of interesting points to note from our dinghy sailers. Josh managed to run aground in front of the shipyard (note how far into the shallow water the boat is in the picture), but managed to get the boat free with “a bit of wiggling”. More impressively, as he could not start the engine on the way back (closed fuel vent), he sailed Tom directly back into the marina and onto the mooring with the strong tide still moving. We were all very nervous watching him do this, but mightily impressed with the finesse with which he pulled it off with.

More Squib try out days can be arranged on request.

A short update on the rest of Squib the fleet. 645 Second Wind and 343 Ratatosk are due to arrive in Port Klang on 8th April, followed by 400 Haiku I and 685 Rats on 19th April. A further two Squibs have been purchased and will be leaving the UK shortly.

Most, but not all, of the Squibs have owners, so anyone interested in purchasing one please contact Jeremy for details.

Martin Grantham, March 2017